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About Me

Tom SmallI grew up in Southern California, where I received my inspiration for cooking from my mom.  I have had the privilege of cooking in some of the finest restaurants in California & Washington including Parkway Grill, Smitty’s Grill, TAPS Fish House, San Antonio Winery, Armondo’s, The Lobster Shop, Boathouse 19 and Palisade.  I also spent several years cooking on private vintage rail cars traveling all over the country.  Currently, I have the privilege of working for the Opper Melang Restaurant Group as a
Chief Culinary Officer.

In addition to managing restaurant kitchens, I also enjoy teaching cooking classes, developing new recipes, and writing.  I enjoy cooking with fresh seasonal ingredients and try and use as much local produce and meat as possible.  I believe that food can be simple and still taste amazing.  I love to talk and learn about food whether it’s with friends, customers, strangers in the grocery store, my family (even my young children) . . . it’s just part of my life.  I hope that I am able to share some of this passion with you through this blog and my DVD’s so that you may be inspired to cook and create for yourself, your family and friends.

–Tom Small